Thursday, August 25, 2005

IPic - A Match Head Sized Web-Server

The iPic web-server is connected directly to a router running SLIP at 115200bps. There is no intermediary host, no protocol converter, no proprietary magic, ... no sleight of hand ., all the packets from your client are processed direcly on the PIC, and all the web-files, pictures, java applets, sound and PostScript files on the web-server are all served directly from the PIC chip.

At 115200bps, the web-server should be able to service about 7200 hits per hour, give or take some. The code itself spends most of its time sitting in the UART which is implemented by bit-banging.

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WiMax to start trial runs in Penang

Monday, August 22, 2005

Celcom to provide music downloads

THIRD-generation (3G) mobile content provider, Bill Adam Associates Sdn Bhd, has signed a deal with Celcom (Malaysia) Bhd to provide music video downloads to the mobile operator.

Celcom 3G users will be able to download Top 10 songs in specified genre and from countries like Malaysia, UK and US.

Bill Adam’s president Mohd Taufik Abdullah said the roll-out is expected to be in September.

“We offer products, which is music downloads, that are in demand in any part of the world. We just need to customise them and present the top 10 to the customers,” he said in an interview in Cyberjaya recently.

The music clips can also be downloaded via its portal. However, the download price has yet to be confirmed, Mohd Taufik said.

Though the firm’s revenue is solely dependent on the 3G users market, he said one of the 3G mobile operators in the country had once projected 100,000 3G subscribers by year-end and the company hopes to capture 10 per cent of the market.

Bill Adam spends about RM1 million for research and development.

Chief executive officer Amir Mohamed said the company is currently in talks with both Celcom and Maxis Communications Bhd on the upcoming contents like live telecast of events and concerts.

“Another feature is a map on all the train tracks, including Light Railway Transits, KTM Komuter and Express Rail Link (ERL), in Klang Valley though the initial roll-out will be on ERL passing through Putrajaya,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Health has also expressed interest in the hospitals tracking content.

The feature is able to show information, images and maps on all the private hospitals and government specialists centres in the country.

Amir added that Bill Adam is also in talks with mobile operators in Dubai and UK.