Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sun Microsystems Opens Java Technopreneur Centre In Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA, June 15 2005 (Bernama) -- In an effort to establish Malaysia as a net exporter of ICT products and solutions, Sun Microsystems Inc has opened its first Java Technopreneur Development Center in Malaysia to boost the country's Information Communications Technology (ICT) agenda.

Sun Microsystems Malaysia Sdn Bhd's managing director, Cheam Tat Inn, said the new centre in Putrajaya would support local ICT initiatives in creating a critical mass of technology entrepreneurs and nurturing world-class IT companies.

Jointly developed with the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) and the Multimedia University, the centre is the fruition of several months of planning, programme roll-outs and trial runs under the Java Technopreneur Development (Jtrend) Programme.

The centre, through the Jtrend Programme would serve as a platform to promote collaboration between local and international enterprises to develop products and solutions using Java and open standard technologies, Cheam said at the launching of the centre, here Wednesday.

He said the centre through the Jtrend Programme, will not only help develop technopreneurs who are skilled in Java technology, but will go a long way toward establishing Malaysia as a producer.

The Java Technopreneur Development Centre is situated at the Multimedia Super Corridor Central Incubator - Accelerator (MCIA) Centre, which are part of Sun's Asean Java Competency program and MCIA's Acceleration Technology Labs programme, which was initiated in 2003.


Second Phase of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

The creation of a good learning environment for both student and faculty has always been placed as the top priority in MMU campus development. In year 2003, the 42-acres second phase development of the Cyberjaya Campus had commenced to cater to MMU’s increased number of campus population and to enhance its existing facilities. Architecturally, the campus will retain its techno-organic concept that underlines a pedagogic and inquisitive approach conducive for learning and experimentation.

To meet the teaching needs, two faculty buildings will be built together with high quality and efficient provision of utilities. The 3-year construction project also includes a main hall, an indoor sports centre including a gymnasium and a central food court to facilitate the physical health and mental growth of the students.

First Phase of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

The first phase of Multimedia University (Cyberjaya Campus) was built on an 80-acres plot of land at Cyberjaya with the cost of RM350 million. Architecturally, the campus is built on a city featuring a unique blend of lush tropical eco-friendly environment with the latest technology in IT infrastructure and facilities. Buildings in the designated Cyberjaya campus are wired up with fiber optic cable to enable the availability of broadband applications. The fiber linkages are monitored 24-hour via the telecom providers operation centre i.e. Telekom Malaysia’s Central Exchange in Cyberjaya.

Commencing its operation in June 1999, this ICT-driven campus is equipped with intelligent building systems, wireless technology system, satellite tele-education, digital library, state-of-art learning and research facilities as well as integrated computer education management system.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

USB2.0 Drive Price Review

Average Price from Low Yatt Plaza

Kingston Data Traveller (128MB) -- RM 65
Kingston Data Traveller (256MB) -- RM 90
Kingston Data Traveller (512MB) -- RM 140
Kingston Data Traveller (1GB) -- RM 280

Kingston Data Traveller II (256MB) -- RM 100
Kingston Data Traveller II (512MB) -- RM 150
Kingston Data Traveller II (1GB) -- RM 295

Kingston Data Traveller II Plus (256MB) -- RM 105
Kingston Data Traveller II Plus (512MB) -- RM 180
Kingston Data Traveller II Plus (1GB) -- RM 315

Transcend Jet Flash 110 (128MB) -- RM 70
Transcend Jet Flash 110 (256MB) -- RM 110
Transcend Jet Flash 110 (512MB) -- RM 190

Apacer HandySteno (HC202) 128MB -- RM 60
Apacer HandySteno (HC202) 256MB -- RM 90

Apacer HandySteno (HF202) 256MB -- RM 100
Apacer HandySteno (HF202) 512MB -- RM 175

Corsair Flash Voyager (256MB) -- RM 115
Corsair Flash Voyager (512MB) -- RM 190

Which one you like most?