Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BMW invested RM25 million at Cyberjaya

BMW Group has invested RM25 million todate in its group data centre (GDC) in Cyberjaya to help the company achieve its target of selling 150,000 cars in the Asia Pacific region by 2008, its chief information officer and executive vice president Juergen Maidl said.

The GDC, which began operations in June 2003, provides financial services, telephony, local area network management, virus protection, call centre infrastructure and webhosting to the group’s divisions in the Asia Pacific region, Russia and South Africa.

Speaking to reporters at a press briefing in Cyberjaya yesterday, Maidl said the GDC, which handles a car business volume of 135,000 annually, operated various department-specific application functions including sales and marketing and production assembly and manufacturing.

He said the GDC was a critical component of BMW’s business strategy that relied on a strong information technology (IT) infrastructure to align its global divisions with the overarching business strategy. BMW has two other GDCs in Germany and the US.

Maidl said Asia was emerging as one of the fastest growing regions for BMW in terms of sales growth. As of last year, BMW was the number one selling premium brand car in Asia.

In Malaysia, it sold nearly 2,400 cars in 2004 and as of September 2005, it had sold that same amount giving it a 20% lead over its nearest competitor in the premium brand category.

In tandem with the growth, Maidl said BMW had added new subsidiaries and assembly plants in the region, and the GDC in Cyberjaya ensures these new subsidiaries and assembly plants received appropriate IT infrastructure to BMW application systems.

He added the GDC had also benefited the company’s customers as it distributed the latest software to BMW service centres as modern BMW cars came equipped with sensors and central processing units.

“So when a customer brings his or her car in for servicing, if required, the firmware on the car is automatically updated and the functionality of the components can be enhanced,” Maidl said.


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