Monday, July 18, 2005

Average Prices of Display Cards from Low Yat Plaza

Nvidia (AGP)
Galaxy 6200A 128MB DDR RM315
Milkystar FX5700LE 128MB(+Fan) RM280
Winfast 6800 128MB DDR RM880
Winfast 6800GT 256MB DDR3 RM1250

Nvidia (PCIE)
Galaxy 6600 128MB DDR (8PL) RM475
Galaxy 6600GE 128MB (+ Zalman Col.) RM575
MSI PCX6200 128MB (4PL) RM380
MSI PCX6600 128MB (8PL) RM495
MSI PCX6600 256MB (8PL) RM590
Winfast PX6200 TD 128MB (4 PL) RM380
Winfast PX6600 TD 128MB (8 PL) RM495

ATI Radeon (AGP)
Gexcube 9550SE 128MB RM230
Gexcube 9550 128MB RM310
Gexcube 9600XT 256MB Encore RM590
Sapphire 9550 PRO 256MB RM335
Sapphire X700 256MB (8 PL) RM625

ATI Radeon (PCIE)
HIS X300LE 128MB DDR RM315
HIS X600 Pro 128MB DDR RM395
HIS X700 256MB DDR RM505
Gexcube X600 Pro 128MB RM385
Sapphire X700 256MB (8 PL) RM495
Sapphire X700Pro 256MB DDR3 RM695
Sapphire X800XL 256MB (16PL) RM1350


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