Thursday, June 16, 2005

First Phase of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

The first phase of Multimedia University (Cyberjaya Campus) was built on an 80-acres plot of land at Cyberjaya with the cost of RM350 million. Architecturally, the campus is built on a city featuring a unique blend of lush tropical eco-friendly environment with the latest technology in IT infrastructure and facilities. Buildings in the designated Cyberjaya campus are wired up with fiber optic cable to enable the availability of broadband applications. The fiber linkages are monitored 24-hour via the telecom providers operation centre i.e. Telekom Malaysia’s Central Exchange in Cyberjaya.

Commencing its operation in June 1999, this ICT-driven campus is equipped with intelligent building systems, wireless technology system, satellite tele-education, digital library, state-of-art learning and research facilities as well as integrated computer education management system.


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